Friday, December 16, 2011

Cookie Exchage

Last year I went to my first cookie exchange.  I've read about them on friends' facebook status updates, but never really knew what they were.  Last year was with my Mom's Group.  It was fun and I got a lot of cookies.  This year was even better because it was with some of my closest friends from GSU.  (Last year I still didn't know my Mom's Group very well).

My friend, Ashley (also known as our Christmas Angel from last year), planned and hosted the event.  She even started her own baking business for the holidays.  She's an amazing baker.  Anyway...this is what I received in the mail:


And this was the food spread:

How adorable!  A cupcake snowman
 This was my martini...a bombpop...and it was AMAZING!!!
The wonderful guests:
(sadly I didn't get a picture of me and Deb)
Jen and Dr. Dermer                                                             Dr. Dunham and Ashley
And...the COOKIES!!!

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