Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Family Day

On Saturday we spent the day as a family.  Well, part of it.  Delaney and Kate spent the day outside with the neighbors for much of the day.  Then we decided to take the family to a park...which has a baby-ish section and a big-kid section, as well as basketball courts, tennis courts, skate and bike park (ramps, rails, etc.), and soccer fields.  I guess...they have it all.  We stayed for about an hour or a little more, but then Goy was making me very hungry so we headed out and picked up a few things from McD's $1 menu for dinner.  After dinner we played at home and then...Family Movie Night.  It was so nice.  We popped popcorn and laid a big blanket on the family room floor to watch "Where the Wild Things Are."  I found out that laying on a floor for 2 hours is not ideal for a pregnant woman.  Peter and I both fell asleep at some point during the movie, and Kate at the last ten minutes.  Delaney was the champ of the family and was wide awake for the whole show.  It was such a beautiful day...we've had the air off and windows open since Friday or Saturday and it's been great.  I LOVE FALL!!!

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