Saturday, September 11, 2010


Okay, so I think we're going a little stir-crazy over here Chez Henderson.  Or at least I am.  I'm trying to stay active while awaiting the job thing to come through.  I've applied to over 20 jobs so far, some counseling some not, and so far nothing fruitful has happened.  I am hoping that once my LPC is finalized by the State of Illinois, I'll be more "desirable" by employers!  In the meantime, I am doing some side work for a former professor and learning quite a bit about Microsoft Word that I never knew existed.  However, that doesn't take me away from the mundane-ness enough.  Almost every weekday I try to do something with Rowena while the girls are at school.  We went to lapsit at the library twice this week (story and song time), went to GSU for a full day, and take Rowena for walks and to the park.  Once Kate gets home, usually Peter is on-call, as she wants to play with him non-stop.  I think the house is getting to me.  We had it uber clean for a several days, but for some reason it feels grungy and nasty again.  It might be the fact that we've had the windows open for over a week, which has been fabulous, but today it is humid and rainy, so it feels nasty inside.  I'm frustrated with our dog.  Riggs has something going on.  He keeps biting at his paw, licking like crazy (and if you know me, you know that drives me BONKERS), and he's scratching and leaving hair EVERYWHERE!  I cannot stand dog hair!!!  Which is why a Boxer is a great match for us...however, Riggs is a Boxer-Mastiff mix and Mastiffs shed bad.  Damn...I didn't know that.  It also doesn't help that we're in the "situation" we are in, without work, income, and insurance.  I don't know what the future holds and it's scary as hell.

So...any suggestions on how to get me out of this funk?  I am not used to not having schedules and deadlines.  I need focus and routine.  There is too much freetime and therefore I procrastinate...I waited almost two weeks to do laundry!  I think maybe rearranging furniture might help, but not sure how we can do that, as there are few options we can do.  I want someone to fix Riggs' issues so I don't have to hear him licking or scratching anymore, or have to vacuum 2-3 times a day to feel the house is clean of dog fur.  Oh, anyone want to buy me new furniture?  That would help!

Maybe I'll just take a long shower and take the kids to Plainfield/Romeoville's Community Day of Play.  That will be fun.
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