Friday, September 10, 2010

~Girl Scouts~

The day has finally arrived for our oldest daughters to join Girl Scouts.  Now, I was active in GS for 12 years.  Yes, that's right...I went all the way!  They were very excited yesterday...In fact, Katie woke up yesterday and said "GIRL SCOUTS TODAY!  I can't wait to explore!" Too cute!

They will be in separate Daisy Troops (based on their grade), but still meet together; every other Thursday from 3:30-5:00.  They get to work on earning badges, go on field trips, sell cookies (which, Delaney cannot wait to do), and do bi-monthly crafts, play games, and learn songs. 

Yesterday there was an older troop there helping the two Daisy troops do a craft project, learn some songs and play a couple games while the troop leaders met with the parents.  I decided to help out and volunteer at the meetings.  My mom was my troop leader throughout, and I loved that.  I'd like to be involved and be a part of this with the girls.  And, maybe by the time it's Rowena's turn I will be ready to take on a troop???  We'll see.

I am so very excited; I cannot wait to buy their uniforms and to watch them learn and do all the amazing things that Girl Scouts offers to females everywhere.  Not sure, however, if I'm ready to participate in any camping excursions...
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