Friday, September 3, 2010

Picnic At The Park

Last Saturday we ventured back to PF to meet a couple of my (former) professors: Dr. Dunham and Dr. Dermer for a picnic. We went to Central Park, had a tasty lunch, and while the kids played, the adults attempted to have a conversation (which was frequently interrupted by me having to check on the kids, as the park is quite large). We had a great time together and we hope to do it again soon. The girls love my professors, as do I!

Delaney and Katie really enjoyed the freedom and large park, running from one aparatus to another. Rowena enjoyed the little-kid section, and discovered that the park was on top of dirt, which she then covered herself in, and would slide face-first into. It was quite funny, especially her face; filled with dirt. Sadly, I didn't really capture that with a picture.
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