Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proud Parent Alert: Reading Chapter Books

Delaney began reading in Kindergarten last year, and has been addicted to Dr. Seuss lately.  Something we adopted from Nana is that we allow Delaney to stay up as late as she wants, but she has to be in bed, reading by 8:30pm on school night.  Well, the day has come that Delaney picked up her first chapter book.  I'm so excited for her and proud.  Chapter books provide so much for the imagination; taking you into another world entirely, getting lost in adventure, living through the words on the pages and into another character.  Her first book: Lanie.  It's an American Girl book based on the doll she picked out last spring (it's actually the book she purchased from the school's book fair).

I also want to note that Katie went to the school's library for the first time on Monday and picked out a chapter book as well.  Her and I laid in bed last night and read the first chapter.  She can't wait to find out what happens with the fairies and the missing gems!

I love that our girls love books so much, and especially happy Delaney has graduated herself to chapter books!
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