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Frankenmuth, MI...a Family Get-Away

Several months ago (back in March, I believe), my family decided to take a fun and somewhat local vacation together.  It was going to include (for sure): Grammie, Poppy, Us, Uncle Wesley, Aunt Leann, and GAP (Great Aunt Patty).  We were hoping that Uncle Brian would be able to join us, but sadly work was pretty busy.  GAP got us great rates with her connections, as well as four rooms all in a row and on the FUN FLOOR!

We called the girls off from school on Friday, and left around 7:30am for a 5 hour trip, also take into consideration that we lose an hour travelling from Illinois to Michigan.  Katie was so funny.  The night before the girls were beyond excited and took a while to settle down, which is understandable before a fun trip.  What they were most excited about...leaving "very early in the morning."  Katie couldn't wait to get carried to the car while she slept.  Well, she ended up faking sleeping while Peter carried her to the car, I buckled her in, I unbuckled her, Peter carried her back into the house, put her on the toilet (we forgot leaving for a long trip that a bathroom stop was a must), she couldn't go and would shake her head but would not lift it or open her eyes.  Then she "slept" until I turned into the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot. 

We got Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and ate on the road.  We got to GAP's around 11:30, had lunch at Cornwells...a tasty turkey restaurant in Marshall, MI.  It also has an ice cream parlor, gift shop, and popcorn stand.  The place is pretty big, with grounds that include a cute gazebo and park for kids.  And, the best part (well, for us anyways) was the indoor play area where we ate.  It kept the kids happy and occupied as well as allowing them the freedom to use up some energy from being in the car for three hours.  After lunch we continued on our drive to The Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth.

I cannot recall our arrival time, but our check-in was quick and we went around to our room.  We were on the "Fun Floor" which was filled with games galore in two different rooms, 4 pools, a restaurant, and bar.  We were set!  We also had an amazing patio, that we sadly didn't use, that opened up to a huge field that went down to the river.  First thing our girls down the hill and to the river!

Then we walked around to see what was in store for us for the next couple days...that's when we discovered "Katie's Game Room."  The girls really enjoyed playing in the playhouse area for quite a while.  Poppy was quick to get tokens for the girls to play games, while they enjoyed the "playhouse" area first.  We played games for a while and then decided to swim.  After swimming we headed back to the games and Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann arrived, and the girls were beyond excited, screaming and running to them.  Of course, Katie talks about Aunt Leann quite a bit and loves her, yet when she's near her, she becomes very timid (Katie does, not Leann).  It's quite cute.

We hung out for a bit and then it was time for dinner, where there was karoake.  Delaney could not wait to sing, but we had a hard time finding a song for her, as most of the songs on the list are country.  Now, had they had Black Eyed Peas...our girls would be set!  I found "The Hokey Pokey" and Delaney was ready.  She is very lucky to have such a supportive family because everyone got up to dance.  She struggled to read the words correctly (meaning when they would light up) and was very quiet, but I was proud of her braveness in getting up there. 

After this, it was time to settle down a bit...meaning Rowena went to bed while Grammie stayed back with her, and the rest of us went to play Mini-Golf.  We didn't keep score of the girls, and Delaney finished the entire course before the adults were onto hole #5.  We each got to pick out our own golf ball and keep it for a souvenir.  GAP kicked everyone's butt, but Peter also left after the 10th to take the girls back to the room, as they were getting antsy.  By the time we finished golf, they were back and playing games, racking up tickets.  Everyone got into the games...and by the end of Friday night, we redeemed 3,720 tickets.  CRAZINESS!  We got three Webkinz for the girls (one each), and had 700 left over.


 Aunt Patty and Peter watching the Deal or No Deal marathon...



The next day we got up, had breakfast, played a (few) more games and then headed to the famous Christmas store, Bronner's.  Peter stayed back with Rowena for a nap.  This store was beyond overwhelming, filled with ornaments and decorations beyond my wildest dream!  I refrained from buying anything, although to be honest, there was only one thing I really wanted.  Of course, if money was no object, I would have found many-a-thing to purchase, as they also had a small section of Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, as well as fun things for the kids.




We got back to the hotel and Rowena was still sleeping (I came back with the girls and Wesley and Leann), so Peter played a new card game with Delaney while I went for a walk outside with Kate.  Brrrr, was it COLD!  We went down to play some more games and then when we got back, Delaney and Rowe were dressed for swimming.  So, for a couple hours we went swimming in four different pools.  Rowe had enough swimming after about 2 hours with her purple, shivering lips and started to say "Bye, bye, pool."  Too cute.  Then it was time to relax for a tiny moment and leave the hotel for a family-style chicken dinner.  It was DELISH!  My fave were the mashed potatoes and gravy and...get this--FRIED CHICKEN! Rowe's was the cottage cheese and mashed potatoes.  Katie and Delaney also ate very well, as did everyone, then we finished with some tasty soft-serve ice cream.

 Katie and Aunt Leann under the waterfall and Delaney chillin' in the hot tub.
 Hanging in the hotel room...Katie tried on Aunt Leann and Uncle Wesley's new tree skirt, and Rowe got some help from Aunt Leann to eat--something she won't take from most (help, that is).

Killing some time before we are seated for dinner, by walking around outside and checking out the beautiful scenery.

 This is where we had our family-style dinner.  So tasty!

 The girls loved watching all the horse-and-carriage rides!


There are a lack of pictures of Delaney because she wanted to sit with Uncle Wesley who was at the opposite end of the table.  I think Uncle Wesley took quite a few and very silly pictures of them together. 

We headed back to the hotel for GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!  The family became obsessed.  Most of the adults and Delaney were addicted to a misile game while Katie and I loved Deal or No Deal...also a beloved game of Delaney and Poppy.  By the end of the night, we had over 13,000 tickets.  Sick, right?  So, here is what the girls got: 2 more Webkinz each, and they each got 2 articles of Webkinz clothes, one Webkinz and one dolly for Rowena, and then the adults got 3 Magic 8 Balls.  We still had over 1,000 tickets remaining, but we figured we'd save them for the following day.  The girls had so many tickets that they played a very loud siren, and people asked us if we had been saving from years previous.  Um, nope...we just have a very sick and addictive family! 

Sunday we woke up and had some breakfast in the hotel and then packed up to go.  Delaney told Grammie she didn't want to go home yet, but most have to work Monday, and the girls have we were leaving.  We packed up the cars and then we took our remaining tickets, along with a few extra we won and found that morning and gave it to a little boy about 3 years old.  His dad was impressed with our generosity.

We headed out...and Delaney BURST into sobbing tears, stating "I'm going to miss Uncle Wesley so much.  I just love him and Christmas is so far away.  I miss him already..."  Thankfully this didn't last, and the girls were WONDERFUL on the drive home, despite being disappointed to being told we weren't going to stop at an apple orchard, as previously planned.  The adults, for the most part, were all ready to get home, unpack, and relax before starting our week.

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