Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Fun for Nana and Rowe!

Nana and Rowena have birthdays just a day apart.  So, to celebrate, we met Nana at the Illinois/Iowa border for some fun.  We stayed in a hotel, went out to eat, went swimming, ordered in pizza, wandered the halls, played bingo, drew, sang "Happy Birthday" to Nana, had some cake, and watched TV.  We had a lot of fun!!!

At TGIFridays:

                                                                                         Rowe eating a pot sticker! I love this kid!

At The Pool:

Rowe jumping in                                                                 Delaney swimming from outside back in

Playing Bingo:
Lounging and Resting:

                                             Rowe was up around 5am, but thankfully played

The girls with their new drawing books:

Nana with her fave four people:

And with her newest Grandbaby:

What a FUN time!!! THANKS, NANA!!!  We can't wait to see you again!
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