Friday, March 18, 2011

Uber Fun Playdate!

Both Delaney and Katie had a playdate yesterday.  Not sure how old one is when they stop using the word "playdate" when a friend comes over, but on that note, I digress.  Anyway.  Katie has a standing playdate with a friend, Cassandra, on Thursdays; two weeks here and two weeks there, alternating as such.  This week, I screwed up, thinking it was to be here, but Cassandra's mom was nice about allowing the switch.  We had a craft planned and it was a 1/2 day at school, so the neighbors would be home as would Delaney and her playdate.  I think Katie was excited to show-off her friend and have her over.  Thanks, Linda! ;)

Delaney had her first playdate. sad is that!  She's in first grade and is having her first playdate. Don't get me wrong, she has had friends over, but it's usually our friends' kids or the neighbors...not a friend from school.  So, Hailey came over yesterday for a playdate with Delaney. 

Both girls arrived shortly after lunch, around 1 and left around 4:30.  Let me tell you...those 3 1/2 hours went very fast!  And, both girls behaved SO well!  I was afraid that maybe one group would "steal" someone else and leave someone out, but that didn't seem to be the case.  There was no fighting, girls shared space and toys well, and eveyone seemed to have a good time.

The first hour was spent doing a craft project...paper Easter eggs decorated with colored rice.


 The finished projects (Top left to Bottom right): Cassandra's, Delaney's, Katie's, and Hailey's

Then Katie and Cassie went outside to play, while Delaney and Hailey hung out in the basement and played Wii for about an hour.

Then everyone was outside for the next hour.




Then around 4pm, we all went inside and the girls played in the basement (Rowena included) for the last half-hour or so.  They had SO much fun, but I definitely think it wiped them both out!
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