Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie's Buddies

Charlie has met so many people in his first three months of life...such a loved little boy is he!  Here are pics of various visitors and special people we went to see through the past three months...

Charlie's Angels...

Grammie:                                                                                                    Poppy:




With Uncle Wesley (or, Uncle Charming)...
At 1 month                                                                                      At 3 months

With Aunt Leann                                                                                      With Uncle Joe

Donna (aka, Donnanuska)                                                 Dr. Dunham (aka, Dr. Dummum)
Dr. Dermer (aka, Derm)                                                                           Jeff

 Violet (aka, Baby Vi or Cousin Vi; born 2/8/11)          With his buddy, Nolan (born 1/11/11)...taken 2/4

...taken 3/3

Charlie is so lucky to be loved by so many!!!  If I'm missing pics with people, sorry!  I take so many pics, it's hard to go through them all! And...Charlie can't wait to meet his other Uncles...Teddy Bear and Dan!
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Uncle Charming said...

Where the heck are the pictures of Charlie with his Uncle Wesley & Aunt Leann!?!?