Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Bugga Boo

Charles, Charlie, Chuck, Chaz, Chuckwagon, Chuckles, Bugs, Bugga Boo, Boo Boo Baby...
This kid has so many nicknames!  Poor little guy.  Although, I think most of them are cute and love 'em.  His name is Charles, most call him Charlie.  To Uncle Wesley, he's Chuck.  To Uncle Joe, he's Chaz.  Daddy tends to call him Chuckwagon, but recently switched to Chuckles (which I absolutely adore).  I've been calling him Bugs or Bugga Boo, due to his large eyes.  And Rowe, the other day, was calling him Boo Boo Baby.

I hope we all grow out of many of these by the time you're in school...but until then, you're all of these! Sorry Little Guy!

Here are some recent and not so recent pics of My Bugga Boo...





So, he's almost four months old and these are the things that Charlie is doing...
  • smiling a lot
  • coo'ing/talking with us
  • loving his bouncy seat
  • tolerates tummy time for a short time
  • usually is pretty snotty/runny nose :(
  • if he cries, it's for one of three reasons:  hungry, wet, tired
  • poops about once a week
  • sleeps like a champ
  • quiet
  • happy
  • loved by his sisters
  • not close to rolling over at all
  • loves to be carried facing out (he reminds me a lot of Delaney in that he's quiet and loves to watch everything around him)

Soon he'll be starting rice cereal!  WHOA!  I am NOT ready for that.  I know it is so cliche, but it is so true...they grow up so fast!  I mean, Delaney is SEVEN and Katie is almost SIX!!!  Holy Wa!  He is our last, my baby, and I want him to stay like this a little bit longer.  Love you, Bugga Boo!

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Peter Henderson said...

Throwing out a "Holy Wa"! Nice, showing those UPer roots