Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rowe's Birthday Weekend Celebration

Rowena had such a fun birthday weekend!  It started on Friday morning at a playdate with some fun friends.  We played and had cupcakes. The playdate hostess had Sesame Street coloring books for everyone and someone brought a cute princess book gift for Rowe.  (I can't believe I forgot my camera!  Grrrrrrr).  Friday night we celebrated with pizza, cake, and some presents.

Nana's birthday is just the day before, and instead of going all the way to CR, Iowa for a visit, we all met at the Quad Cities for an overnight at a hotel.  We enjoyed lunch at Fridays, swimming in the pool, playing Bingo, watching TV, eating pizza, drawing and learning from the new drawing books, and coloring. (Post and pics are below).

Thanks Nana for a super fun trip!  Hopefully next time it'll be a little nicer weather so we can enjoy the riverfront a bit more.

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