Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day At The Park...Spring IS Coming!

YEA!  Today is so gorgeous out!  I love it.  I feel like we've been couped up for so long in this house, and to finally get out, get fresh air, and just play, it was awesome.  So...after Delaney and Katie got on the bus, we went inside and got a few things together and headed to the park.

It was wonderful.  Rowena had a blast, and didn't care that her butt got wet when she went down the slides.  And, as we walked home and she could see the house, she just began to say, "No home.  No home.  No inside.  Outside, Mommy."  I think Charlie enjoyed being outside too.  He just chilled in the stroller the whole time, and every time I walked up to him, he was kick those legs so fast and hard and smile huge!

Rowe is loving the garbage man and truck!  She couldn't play at all while she watched him go down the street to each house.  Although, whenever the truck lifts up the front bucket to dump into the back, she freaks out a little (due to the loud noise).  It's pretty funny to watch her...

She had SO much fun!!!

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