Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charlie at Nine Months

Our Little Guy is still little!  He went to the doc today for his nine month checkup. 

His stats are as follows:
Weight 16 lbs, 3 oz (3rd %)
Height   27 1/2" (25%)
Head     44 1/2 cm (25%)

Charlie has been on "solids" since he was four months.  He began with oatmeal and then onto veggies and fruits.  He has done really well with eating and enjoying just about everything.  Our cabinets are stocked full of Stage 2 fruits, veggies, and meats.  Recently (in the past week or so), Charlie has decided to become a little irritated with Mom or Dad during meals.  He doesn't scream, but he's not a fan of being fed anymore.  So, today I decided to step it up for him.  For lunch he had bologna and shredded cheese.  He loved it.  For dinner, he had green beans (not pureed, but chunks) and grilled cheese.  He had so much fun feeding himself and actually chewing.  He's been enjoying cheerios for weeks now, so I think he is ready for "real" food.

Charlie was getting up on all fours for a while, and would rock back-and-forth.  However, once he would move each of his hands forward, he would plop that little belly back on the floor.  It was almost like he was too scared to try to move his legs.  So, instead of going forward, he scooted backwards.  He got around that way and through rolling around.  He actually started crawling on 8/22, just 6 days before he was 9 months.  And now, he's a little speed demon.  Well, not really, but he does get to where he wants to go, and pretty fast.  We have to make sure that the floor is vacuumed, cords up, paper put away, and doors closed.  I cannot tell you how quickly he crawled into the bathroom the other day. Thankfully I had just cleaned it 2 hours prior.  The basement door is what I'm  most concerned about.  Tumble!  That would not be good.  I do think it won't be long until he's crawling up the stairs.  He doesn't pull himself to a stand, and he is nowhere near cruising, or walking.

Charlie is into everything now that he's crawling!  Rowe is not a fan.  She takes just about everything from him, and according to her, he is only allowed one toy "just one" at a time.  He's at the stage that everything that goes in the hand, goes in the mouth.  I've found chunks of paper and fuzz in there.  Yuk.  He loves shoes too.  A fave thing of his is blocks and stuffed animals.  He likes to chew on the animals and clap the blocks together.  He also is very good at clapping.

His hair is getting thicker, but staying super blond.  His eyes are as big as ever.  He has 6 teeth, and likes to main reason he was weaned from nursing at nine months.  He giggles and it melts my heart.  He smiles quite a bit, and is so laidback.  He makes being a parent so easy!

Here are some recent pics of our Cutie!

Standing like a big boy!
 Eating cheerios around 5am
 Passed out after a busy morning
 Waiting for his sisters to get home from school
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