Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Who'd You Get?"

Summer is ending; the school year is beginning.  Tonight, at 7:00pm, the class assignments were posted online, emails were sent, and phone calls were made.  "Who'd I get?" was the question of the day (well, actually the week here at the Henderson house).  The girls were excited to find out who they would be learning from this year.  Both were a little disappointed this year, as they had their hearts set on specific teachers.  Delaney wanted Mr. Leipart--the only male teacher in the school.  I take it he is very popular as when I found out from other parents whose children were assigned to his class, they were very excited (and, I have to admit, I think Delaney wanted him because I made a big deal about me wanting her to have him).  Anyway...Katie wanted Mrs. Toohey.  As for Kate, I didn't really have a preference, but knew she wouldn't have Mrs. Lindner because Delaney had her (and the school/principal is big on not having siblings have the same teacher if at all possible).

So...we get the email, phone call, and website info telling us who they have and neither received the teacher they wanted.  Katie has Mrs. Kripplez and Delaney has Ms. Palmer.  So, after we looked in the yearbook (yes, they now have yearbooks for elementary school...), they were excited again.  Delaney talked up Mrs. Kripplez for Kate, as her room was next to Delaney's class.  I honestly don't think either cared too much.  However, the next step is to find out who is in your class...

I proceeded to email both Delaney and Katie's Girl Scout Troops (the moms) and see if anyone was willing to share.  Turns out that neither girl has their BFF in their class next year.  Cassandra's mom called, and sounded disappointed because she knew as soon as she heard Cass' teacher's name, that they weren't in the same class, as she has Mrs. Lindner.  Several mom's emailed back, and the girls have a couple people so far that they know in their class for this year.

At bedtime, I told Delaney that one of her favorite friends, Hailey, got Mr. Leipart, so they won't be in the same class.  And Kate, being empathetic, says to her, "Delaney, I know it sounds hopeless, Cassandra isn't going to be in my class either."  So cute!  Peter then reminded them how they get to meet new friends and continue to see their old friends and there's girl scouts, etc.  They went to bed happy, and excited for the Meet-and-Greet next Wednesday before school begins on Thursday!  Whoa!  School is starting already!!!  I wonder if it will make my days at home more or less hectic...(because honestly, it could go either way).
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