Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's So Bad About Video Games?

So, I was watching my kids play pretend and/or with toys the past week or so and really noticed something.  They get SO sucked into whatever they are playing; they can tune out everything around them, really get into character, playing pretend as if they are as creative as The Backyardigans.  And, I also notice that there is very little movement or "exercise" when they play with their Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, stuffed animals, Little People, color, draw, etc.  So, it made me think...what's so wrong with video games?  They really are no different!  There are "studies" that show that children who play too many video games are obese, lack imagination, are anti-social, and/or become violent.  Now, my kids are still fairly young, actually quite young, and we don't really have anything violent other than Super Smash Bros.  However, I don't see much of a difference in my kids getting wrapped up in a video game(s) for an hour or two or three when they can sit and play Barbies (or anything else similar for that matter) for the same amout of time and barely move.  Let me clarify that when my kids play video games, they are often playing pretend about the characters in the game.  They do different voices and make an entire world in our family room while sitting and playing.  And, they will get up after 30 minutes to an hour of playing and continue this pretend world outside, in their room, or in the basement.  My kids remain active and have great imaginations and are social and fun and polite.  Video games have not ruined them, and I hope I never resort to using that as an excuse to my child's misbehavior.  Peter and I are huge supporters in everything in moderation.  They can eat sweets, have candy, stay up late, watch tv, play video games, etc.  Why?  Because it's good for them.  Not everyday, but now and then.  It's good for them to have a little of this and a little of that.  Too much or too little of anything can be bad for anyone, but if we allow our children to experience things, it leaves little room for rebellion and "misbehavior."  So, that's my opinion (obviously).
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