Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Reading Program

Delaney and Kate participated in a reading program at school during the months of January and February to earn free tickets to Great America.  This summer everyone participated in the local public library's summer reading program.  The kids turned in a weekly log with the books or parts of books listed which they read each week.  And, everytime they turned one in, they got a coupon for something from a local store, restaurant, or recreational place.  They received so many different for free ice cream, cotton candy, cookies, popcorn, meals at Applebees, go-karting, roller skating, bounce house places, etc. 

Then, at the end of an 8 week program, all the kids that partcipated for at least 4 weeks received free passes to the local pool and water park, Splash Station.  Too bad Rowe was sick, she didn't get to go to the pool party.  The pool party was PACKED!  Once again, Kate was too short for most of the waterslides.  She could've tried the swim test, but since she hasnt' done swim lessons in about 3 or 4 years and after her scare 2 years ago, her swimming had fallen to the wayside.   Too bad I realized yesterday that she CAN swim, and well.  She swims underwater the width of my parents pool with no assistance.  Ah well.  She can definintely go on all the slides next year.  Delaney went on a few slides, but Kate is definitely more our daredevil.

We are continuing to enjoy our coupons to various local places. One day the girls discovered a love for Sweets-n-Treats.  They had coupons for free popcorn bags.  This place has easily over 50 flavors!  Whoa.  One picked karamel korn, the other--blue raspberry.  I wanted the bacon-cheddar-ranch...YUM!  The girls also brought $5 of their own money and purchased some fun candies and cotton candy.

Outside the store...
 Excited about the blue raspberry cotton candy, getting their sugar high on...
 They even shared with Rowena!
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