Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Gotta love free stuff, right?  The girls participated in a reading program at school and had to read 6 hours in about two months and they each earned free tickets to Great America.  So, about $150 later, Peter and I were able to go!  ahahhaah.  With tickets, parking, and a refillable drink for the day, we spent about $120, which isn't bad.  Right?

Anyway, we had a blast!  Kate was a little frustrated because she is only 44" so her ability to ride on rides (mostly roller coasters) was limited.  Then there's Delaney who is tall enough to go on most roller coasters, but doesn't want to.  We rode several rides...the Carousel, the Wizzer, Orbit (let me just tell you how scared I was that Kate rode ALONE), a pirate ship water ride, Roaring Rapids, The Demon, Logger's Run, Yankee Clipper, The Dark Knight Coaster (Peter and Kate only), and a few "kiddie" rides. The lines were long, but not horrendous.  The kids would get a little annoyed while waiting in line, but as soon as we were on, they were screaming in delight and excitement.

Here are the pictures that I took throughout the day, when the camera wasn't in Pete's shorts pocket to keep as dry as possible.

Seeing the park from the road...Sheer Excitment!!!

The lines begin before you even get in the park...

 Two excited girls, ready for their first experience at Great America!

 The first ride...

And the second ride: The Orbit.  Not sure if you can tell, but I actually captured the girls and Peter while it spun.  Katie is in the "cage" on the left all by herself and Peter is in with Delaney on the right.  No one liked the ride, and when Peter got Kate out of the cage, she clung to him...a response I rarely see from her.  Later she wanted to go back, but only if she could ride with Pete.  I would've been sick the whole day if I had tried this.

The Wizzer was next.  Peter and Delaney got on first, as Katherine the Brave wanted to wait for the very first seat!

 The entrance to The Eagle has changed.  It is now to the right, and they have replaced that large wasted space with this awesomeness:



 While Peter and Kate went on the Dark Knight Coaster, Delaney and I walked around through a few shops and she tried to see if she fit into the chair for the Superman ride.  She "fit" but not well enough to ride (not that she would, as she told me).


 They DID have a great day...and they passed out quickly on the ride home.  We're already looking forward to next year, and hoping Kate grows 4" in first grade so she can take on a few more coasters!

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