Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Katherine!

Our Katie.  Katherine. Kate. Our little spitfire!  Let me tell you a little about who you are at six years old.  First, I apologize for being a week late in writing your birthday post.  You were not forgotten on your birthday.  On your 6th birthday, we had breakfast and a playdate at one of your best friend's house--Cassandra.  Then, you, Delaney, and I went to lunch at Applebee's and went shopping.  After we got home, you played outside with your friends (i.e. the neighbors).  For dinner, Grammie and Poppy came over for pizza and then cake.  I wonder if you'll remember that we didn't have a #6 candle, so we used two 3's.  You took out one and ate the frosting. Rowe took out the other, and ate the candle.  Yuk. You got a lot of presents...some Pokemon cards, and a binder to keep them organized in, Pokemon stuffed animal, the movie "Tangled", a dress, a big girl jewelry box, and some American Girl stuff.

So...some things about Kate at SIX!
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite movie: "I like a lot of movies" but she tends to request Harry Potter (any one) frequently these days
Favorite food: Butter noodles, apples (sliced and peeled), yogurt, nutella and jelly sandwich
Favorite drink: Strawberry milk or koolaid
Favorite pastime: Play Barbies
Favorite TV show: Glee

You are very smart; you have a lot of common sense and street smart to you!  You are quick witted and funny.  You are very determined, and get pretty sassy when you don't get your way.  You fight "no" by stomping your feet and yelling, and get frustrated when you don't get exactly what you want.  Example...you want to eat yogurt in the family room so you can watch tv.  However, we don't allow that, but you can eat it at the table and still see and hear the tv.  But, since that is not exactly how you want it, you'll throw a fit until you are sent to your room.  You are loving and caring.  You love to be around people, and can often be silly.  When you get hurt or embarrassed, you get angry; you refuse to cry.  You are unbelievably brave.  You are a thrill seeker (you were so mad that you were only tall enough to go on four roller coasters at Great America this year).  You have an amazing sense of humor and make me laugh several times a day.  You are sensitive and intimidated about certain things, but I think it's because you compare yourself to your sister who is 19 months older than you.  You compare your reading ability to hers and it can get frustrating for you.  You and I tend to get quit angry and frustrated with one another, but I know we love each other very much.  I am so proud of you. You have an amazing will power and determination, your imagination is endless, you are smart, and funny, and you are quick to make lots of friends.

We are so proud of you.  You are becoming a wonderful girl, and I know you will be a terrific young lady.  I hope you balance all of these amazing and powerful personality traits, as you will be an unstoppable, fun-loving, kind force to recon with if you do!  I am excited to see how your hobbies expand as you enter first grade and learn to read.  Love you, Katie Hayes!

Katie at birth:
Katie at 6 years old:

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