Friday, September 16, 2011

Back-To-School Slumber Party 2011

We had our Annual BACK-TO-SCHOOL Slumber Party the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  This year, we added a new sleeper--Gwen.  (Last year she came over for the playing/partying part, but went home for bed).

The kids enjoyed playing video games:

And playing in the basement:


For dinner they made pizza:

 They were SO excited when they started with the cheese!
Happy kids with their homemade, funny-shapped pizza!     Mmmmm!  Pizza, Fruit Salad, and Ginger Ale


And had ice cream for dessert:

Silly kids!

Had popcorn during movies:

And actually slept:

To get enough rest to get up and have donuts:

Around 10am, I kicked everyone outside, as the day was gorgeous. Everyone slept well and behaved nicely.  I love this tradition!
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