Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Overnight in Iowa

The weekend after our L'Anse trip, we headed to Iowa to visit Nana. 

We are so lucky that Great Grandma Betty and Great  Aunt Karen made a trip to Nana's too so we can see them and visit.  We got there shortly after lunch.  For some reason our 3 1/2 hour trip seemed longer than our trip to MI the weekend prior.  I think Rowe had to stop a lot to use the bathroom and she wasn't napping like we hoped.  We got there and decided to eat right away. The girls set up picnic on the screen porch.


Rowe sang songs for our lunch entertainment...  
Here she is singing Itsy Bitsy Spider                          

Great Grandma Betty and Great Aunt Karen with their great grandkids/nieces & nephew

The girls enjoyed swimming with Daddy in Nana's pool.  We got in about an hour before the rain started and were the only ones enjoying the pool.



It started to drizzle a bit while swimming, so we headed back in.  Great Grandma Betty and Great Aunt Karen headed out.  We decided to get out and explore a bit and Nana had a great idea...

We ended up being a little disappointed in some of the rides, but we had high expectations after last summer's Taste of Joliet and going to Great America this year.  Kate is still too short for the rides that she would truly enjoy, and the ones she could and Delaney would ride were pretty uneventful.  Everyone enjoyed the time out, walking around, and some of the rides and food.

The GIANT slide was fun!  Even Rowe went down...solo! 

Rowena went on her first ride solo, and LOVED it!
The girls were really excited to see Dora there!

Delaney and Rowe were getting tired of walking, so they stole Charlie's ride...

I think Charlie's mad at his outfit.  And to be honest...I don't blame him!

Rowe didn't like this spinning ride at all!

Mmmmmmmmm, Corn!

This is Nana's favorite kind of baby...cotton candy!

Thanks, Nana for a wonderful visit!!!

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