Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Silly Pictures

I'm starting to realize I take many more pictures of Rowena and Charlie than I do of Delany and Katie. I chalk this up to the fact that I used to do the same with the older girls, but they don't change as quickly as the younger ones do.  And, now that Delaney and Katie are in school and I'm doing lots of fun outings with Rowe and Charlie, the descrepency may become even greater.

 Rowe loves to wear make-up.  And, yes, while it is not age appropriate, the fact that she insists on applying it herself and looking as if she is "goth" or has been beaten is what disturbs me the most...

The girls hanging out with their Cubbie Bears from Uncle Brian (aka Uncle Teddy Bear) and another shot of them in matching PJs

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