Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BIG BOOM! Adler Planetarium

I have met some wonderful people in the area within the last year or so.  One thing of which I am so grateful...tips of free and fun local activities.  I was told that the Chicago Planetarium was going to be free on certain days during the month of September.  So, when I got word that I wasn't going to be getting Gwen (our neighbor) off the bus one Wednesday, I decided to take off for the big bad city as soon as Delaney and Kate got on the bus.  The drive to and from went smoothly.  Parking was great...on the street just in front and only $4. 


Rowe had a blast!  She pressed buttons, and did puzzles.

Charlie enjoyed watching her do these things...

Her favorite part was the "big boom" and that's what she still talks about weeks later.  She refers to the Planetarium as the "moon place" which I think is super cute.  The big boom was made by a crater simulator.
(Sadly, this is the only picture I have of her near it, but do have a video of it).

They were happy to get to the kid area, where there were a lot of things for the kids to play with and learn about. 

Even Charlie got in on the action...crawling around the campfire under the stars:

And then Rowena felt the need to tell him where to crawl...

Time to get the shuttle ready! 



Then, they had to get ready to board the shuttle.



Rowe took time to love Earth

They crawled around in some crater caves on the moon



 Look...they're both astronauts!

Then, they just played, and wandered.



It was cold, drizzling, and grey out.  I was really hoping for a beautiful day (the day before was) so we could walk along the lake too.  No big deal.  We still had lunch on the beach!

A view of where we had our lunch

 And a view from where we ate:

A great day in a wonderful city! Kids had fun, were able to have some freedom, learn, and explore.  And, I had a most wonderful time with them! 
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