Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brunet Family Reunion: August 2011

We used the reason of a family reunion to head to L'Anse this summer.  It's at a beach home of one of my mom's cousins.  Everyone brings a dish to pass, and they also provide corn, fried fish, and the most amazing fries!  It's right on Lake Superior, which can be super cold, or wonderfully refreshing.  They had games and prizes, a fire, 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction.  I can't remember who, but someone outbid us on some homemade maple syrup.  I think it was my cousin Katie. Grrr!  She's lucky I like her (although the syrup was really for Peter, seeing as I can't stand the stuff).

The kids had a blast in the lake.  There was a sandbar pretty far out, so they were excited to be "this far" into the water!  I don't even think you can see those two little dots out there that are Delaney and Kate!


Although it was fun in the water, I think they honestly had more fun in the sand!  (Greaaat!  Those who know me, know I am NOT a fan of sand!).



We all had fun socializing and hanging out...

Fun with Violet Katherine

With Great Aunt Monica                                                             And, with her Mommy, Katie
 Violet and Charlie chillin' lakeside                                             And, kisses from Rowena

Izzy enjoyed her day at the beach, too


The Kridner Family

And then, the games began!

Rowe played tug-of-war
 Delaney tried archery, with help from a fave person--Uncle Charming

Katie also tried archery, with help from Daddy
 Hula-Hooping was fun.  They did teams 1 kid, 1 adult per team.  We made it to the finals-Katie and I.  I lost to some thin, young 20-something family member (that I don't really know).  We were taking too long so they ended up having us raise both arms and then a leg.  That's when I lost! But, it was fun.  Delaney was on a team with my cousin Joe and Aunt Joanne and Wesley were a team.


The rest of time was spent relaxing and hanging out...


The girls with their GAP!
 My cousin David and his beautiful, fun girlfriend, Ellie.

 Fun and social around the fire.  The girls didn't understand why a fire was going during the day and at a "hot" beach.
 Katie was the first kid called for her prize...and Daddy showed his excitment in her choice.

Delaney was the last name drawn, and the poor girl just got bubbles, so she traded with Charlie for a little stuffed animal scunk.
Rowe was PASSED OUT!!!

It was such a fun day!  We headed back to Aunt Joanne and Uncle Jimmy's for some drinks, relaxation and another fire.

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