Monday, September 5, 2011

L'Anse in August

The past few years we've decided to take our annual trip to L'Anse in the summer instead of at Thanksgiving.  Last year was because we wanted to see my Great Aunt Margaret, who is an amazing woman, and we also knew that we wouldn't be going for Thanksgiving due to Charlie's due date (which was 12/13).  Thankfully Peter put his foot down on that decision, seeing as Charlie was born the day we would've been driving home!

So, this year was the 2nd Brunet Family Reunion that we attended (it's every other year).  Can I just tell you how HOT the Upper Peninsula can be?  Yes, we sweated our butts off up there!  And, the house we stayed in, which was my grandpa's, doesn't hair central air.  We stayed in his house with 8 other people; the Hendersons all sleeping in one room.  That's right...all six of us in one small room, upstairs, no air.  We survived.  Barely.  I was so ready to go by the end of the trip.  No one slept well (well, Delaney and Katie did), Charlie was cranky--which is not like him, and he was very clingy to mom (which I honestly don't mind at this age), and, well, I was at my boiling point with zero patience, to be honest.  However, during the day, we had a good time.  Kids behaved well and had fun.  I think next time we need to try to plan our trip better and leave earlier so we can go to Copper Harbor one day and do some other things that they have to offer...hiking, picnics, etc.

We arrived in a record 7 1/2 hours (I say record because with four kids, you never know how often you'll have to stop for potty and feeding breaks).  Katie and Rowe were excited to turn on the road where Great Grandpa Stiglich's and Aunt Joanne/Uncle Jimmy's homes are...

Once we got there, Charlie and Vi were stripped down to just diapers because of the heat and lack of air flow. In this picture Charlie was just over 8 months old and Violet was just days shy of 6 months.

Isabel (and Wesley and Leann) arrived seconds before us, and put Izzy in this super cute outfit. Look at this skinny-mini!  She's about 3 weeks old in this picture.

While dinner was being cooked, my fave--homemade fries--mmmmmmmmmmmmm, good, we took the kids down to the creek.  They love playing in the ice-cold water.  I forgot the water shoes, darn it.  But, they were careful on the slippery rocks.  They had fun throwing rocks, trying to catch Naveen (a huge frog), and "swimming" in the deeper part.


 Even Charlie enjoyed the creek a bit.
Hanging outside of Aunt Joanne and Uncle Jimmy's after dinner
 These two didn't last long outside.  I guess all that sleeping on the way up wore them both out!


Getting ready for the FIRE!  I think this is one of the girls' favorite parts of going to the UP.





The girls got tired after a while, and a long day, and decided to unwind with some TV and quiet time.  Katie looks really sad, but she was just exhausted!


They woke up in great moods...ready for the beach and reunion

 Rowe started to get a little more comfortable with Uncle Wesley by giving him zerberts on his belly.
GAP with her newest Great niece...Isabel
 Reunion pics and stories are a post in their own.  These next two pics are our last morning in L'Anse.  We all ate breakfast at The Hilltop where they are famous for their GIANT sweet rolls.  (I cannot recall why Delaney is crying in the second picture.  Maybe she was disappointed in the size of her breakfast?).  Go figure that Kate didn't like it.  I didn't mind enjoying it every morning with coffee over the next week!
I love visiting family...especially in the UP! 
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