Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Boy!

I know I just posted on how little Charlie is, and how he's just starting to crawl.  However, in just a week, he's sure picked up speed and now even can climb stairs!  I thought he was safe in the family room, and I was helping Rowena with something; I turn around, and he's sitting right on the edge of the kitchen floor, up two steps from where he was just seconds before.  Boy, do kids learn fast!  Guess I can't just leave him in the family room for a second anymore!

Here are some pics of my "big" boy today.  Grammie bought him a pair of shoes.  Little guy is 9 months and he's in a size 1 (which is said to be for 0-3 months).  I just love his little outfit, albeit a tad big!

His eyes are as big as ever...

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