Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ten Months of Cute!

I'm a bit shocked that in just two months, Charlie will be ONE!  He's 10 months, as of 9/28, and it went way too fast.  I can barely remember how tiny he was, how it took a month just to get back to his birth weight, or how he slept in a basinett for the first six months of his life.

Now, Charlie is
  • crawling all over the place.
  • pulling himself up to a stand.
  • cruising along furniture.
  • playing with toys.
  • voicing his unhappiness when his sisters give a little too much love or take things from him.
  • prefering table food in chunks, not pureed mush.
  • laughing when things are silly or funny.
  • still tiny, under 17 lbs.
  • on formula.
  • learning to drink from a sippy.  He knows how, but doesn't often.
  • loving snacks.  His fave are multigrain cheerios.
  • paying a little more attention to the TV when there are colorful cartoons or music on.
  • loving to dance with mommy.
  • smiling when he sees people he knows and loves.
  • getting upset when people he knows and loves walk away from him.
  • used to playing in his playpen.
  • going to bed awake and falls asleep on his own.
  • starting to get into things he shouldn't, like cords and blurays.
  • likes the game "I drop it, You pick it up, and Repeat"
He is such a cutie and cuddly little guy.  I'm pretty smitten.  I am not wanting him to grow up, but can't wait to see what he's like a 2; walking around and jabbering away.  He seems to have a great disposition and wonderful sense of humor.  I will play with him and growl and he'll just giggle.  He'll also laugh when I tease him by pretending to give him something and then take it back. He's starting to get into things, and loves cords.  Great!

Here are some recent pics of the Little Guy


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Alyssa said...

I can't believe Charlie will be one in a few months. I still think of him as baby Charlie. Are you sure you're going the math right :) He looks so grown up in that picture of him in the stroller. While you don't want your baby to grow up it will be fun to meet toddler Charlie :)