Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Trip To Uncle Wesley & Aunt Leann's

On the weekend of September 24-25th, the Hendersons (minus Peter who had to work) and my parents caravaned to Michigan.  This trip was for Isabel's baptism.  It took about 5 full hours with 2-3 stops along the way.  The trip was smooth sailing, and I was pleasantly surprised.  This is the girls' first time ever at Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann's! After checking into the hotel and heading over to Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann's, the girls were bored.  So we headed over to a park not even a block behind their house.  I tried playing football with them outside in the backyard, but that was shortlived.



Leann and her mom worked so hard to get all the cat hair out of the house due to Delaney's (cat) allergies.  It helped immensley until Delaney went onto the 3-Season's room to pet and play with the cats for 30 minutes.  Her eyes swelled up and her breathing was labored.  It was kept under control with just a dose of allergy meds and a neb treatment.  The next day she stayed clear of the cats.  I guess it was only worth going through that once.  She didn't complain at all.  She just loves animals so much, it really is a shame she's allergic.
 Doesn't our niece have the CUTEST POUT EVER!?!?!  I couldn't help but snap a ton of pics of her frowning.

On Sunday we went over for brunch and then headed back to the hotel to pack up (while everone else went to mass).  We went to church for the baptism (pics and such in its own post), and the kids did okay.  Rowe was all over the place, wanting to touch things and dance on the alter.  Katie wanted to sit next to me and be around me every second.  However, I was to sit with Wesley, Leann, Isabel, and Stephen.  Rowe sat on my lap during a lot of it, and there was one point where Kate started to come over to sit on my lap, but thankfully she listened to me when I told her to sit with Grammie and Poppy. 

Here are Delaney and Kate with GAP

And me with the kids in our "Sunday Best"

After the service, we went back to Wesley and Leann's for some cake and snacks before heading back to Illinois.  The ride home was great and there was only one time I had to turn the movie off because the girls were fighting or yelling in the backseat.  We took a nice long stop at a McDonalds playland, and the girls loved it!
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