Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whoa! Busy Month!

So, once again, I'm behind on my blogging, and I promise I will catch up.  I also promise to include a lot of pictures and minimal words (that's for you, Wesley).  But, to quickly recap our past 6 weeks (one in September and all of October):
  • Trip to Canton, MI to visit Wesley, Leann, and Izzy for Isabel's Baptism
  • Nana comes in for a visit and we have Cozzo's wedding
  • Donna and Matt's wedding
  • Uncle Joe comes in for a surprise visit from California
  • Trip to Frankenmuth, MI for our annual fall family fun with GAP, Grammie, Poppy, Wesley, Leann, Izzy, and Uncle Brian
  • Uncle Brian comes in for a visit from California
  • Halloween...and the four day celebration with school parties, malls, trunk-or-treats, and the actual Halloween day/night.
I'm thinking November will be a calm month, although we do have Thanksgiving and Charlie's FIRST birthday to celebrate!  And then, it's December, with it's holiday-filled fun and school break.  So, mabe January will be calm?

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