Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MSI: Museum of Science & Industry

There are several days where the Chicago museums have free admission days for Illinois residents.  This is wonderful since admission is so pricey!  And, if you're smart, you can park for under $5!  So, after a trip to the Planetarium, the following week there was another day in which Gwen wouldn't be coming over after school, so I decided--MSI time!

On the way to the Planetarium, Rowe and Charlie both napped.  On the way to the museum, Rowe was wide awake.  I think this resulted in a very exhausted Rowe at the museum.  She wasn't listening as well at times, but she stayed by me and walked the entire time (except going in and out of the museum).  Rowe even told me "Let's go home. I wanna go nigh-night."

Oh, sidenote...Delaney has a small Stitch (a small keychain of the Stitch character from Lilo & Stitch) and she couldn't find it anywhere before school, and was almost bawling.  Well, I went to put Charlie in the car, and there he was...stuffed in the door handle of the backseat door of the car.  So, I decided to take him with me and take pictures of him enjoying MSI.

We went straight to the BESTEST place at MSI, and sadly it was closed for cleaning.  This happens two weeks a year...and we went during one of those weeks.  Dang.  So, Rowe colored for a while...


 I think Rowena and Charlie make pretty good farmers.  (See if you can find Stitch)



Just like her biggest sister, Rowe loves to pretend she's a dog!


Rowe loved making the music go by just walking on the lights.


Checking out the baby chicks


Being a train conductor

Checking out Main Street.  This was the only place (other than parking) I was willing to spend money...at the ice cream parlor.  Thankfully for my wallet, it was closed! Charlie seemed to like Main Street.  It might have been because no one was there, and he was free to crawl and chill on the cobblestone.


Then we went back to color some more and make a noise-maker.


Stitch liked the coloring table too!
During lunch, both Charlie and Rowena started to fall apart a bit.  So, I decided to pack things up and head home.  I was so disappointed the fun, interactive part wasn't open for them.  We could've spent 2-3 hours in there alone!  We didn't get to several spots, like the awesome storms (which we did do last time), or the upper level or the doll house (always a fave of mine).  Next time...

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