Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dollinger Pumpkin Farm with the Sylvester Twins

On Wednesday, October 5th, it was a gorgeous morning, so we packed up for a couple hours and met the Sylvester Twins at Dollinger Pumpkin Farm.  We didn't stay very long, but long enough to get the kids out for a bit and get some fresh air.

This pumpkin patch happens to be one of the very rare FREE ones.  They have a fun playplace, although our Littles didn't spend too much time there...

Rowe was a little sad the bunnies didn't have any food or water.  However, the bunnies weren't there either.
 Ah, the classic, "I'm this tall this fall..." pictures

Then, the classic "sit your kids amongst the pumpkins" photo(s)


Henderson Babies sandwiched between the Sylvester Twins

 Henry and Morgan educational piece 
And Rowena taking this opportunity to be a teacher:

Henry pays for his education in kisses...then Rowe is hooked, and chases him for more

I guess she just needed one more hug.

 Looking at the goats


Playing in the Teepee

 Trying to get a picture of Rowe and Charlie in front of the cute farm sign...

 Yeah, that didn't work.

Julie and the twins                                                                          Me with Rowe and Charlie

Lots of pictures for just an hour, huh?  And, yes, I do have a husband and two other children.  But PJ has been working, and Delaney and Kate are in school.  I did these fun things with them when they were young and weren't in school, and on days off we still do fun things.  I just need to take more pictures of those events, I guess.

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