Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Socialization of Kids

It's wonderful having school-aged children for several reasons. One is that the house is somewhat less-choatic when they are gone from around 8:30am until after 4pm.  I can do fun "little kid" things with Rowe and Charlie. I definitely get grocery shopping done then! And, they meet other kids their age and make friends of their own (vs. our friends' kids).  However, of course, there is a downside to the socializaton of children...learning from other children.  Yeah.  When Delaney and Katie went to preschool, they came home with a few new things I didn't care for.  I can't honestly remember what they were now, but I do recall at the time getting annoyed and frustrated with things they would say, attitudes they picked up from peers, etc.

Once they started elementary school, all filters were gone.  We never use the words stupid or shut up in our home.  I find them to be rude, mean, and just completely uncalled for.  I'd rather my kid say shit or damnit.  Truly.  When you call someone stupid or tell someone to shut up, it's just hurtful.  But, if they are frustrated and say damnit, well, to me, it's not toward someone and it's not hurtful but more frustration.  Anyway...come Grand Prairie (or any school-public or private), my kids had a whole new vocabulary.  We try to monitor their language, reminding them what is inappropriate, mean, hurtful, etc.  One thing I hear often in our house this year is: Meaner, meaner, fu-fu-feaner.  Yeah, doesn't make sense, but they say that to one another when their feelings are hurt or when they feel left out.  Also, and I cannot stand this one, is Stupid Head.  UGH!  I've never heard them say it, but I've been the ears of the tattler for many occasions. And, the best part...it's one of the lovely things that Rowena has adopted.  So, the other day when I didn't do what she wanted, I heard: "Mommy, you stupie ead."  Great.  Delaney started screaming at Rowe the other day because Rowe kept repeating that over and over again, calling Delaney "Stupie 'ead."  I just smiled and reminded her that she must be a wonderful teacher.  She huffed and walked away.  But, it's true...peers and siblings are wonderful teachers...for both the positive and negative sides to the socialization of kids.
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