Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Brag Post

Okay, you were warned in the title.  This post will mostly be me bragging about our oldest daughters.  I'm so proud of them, I have to share.  So, is that bragging or sharing my pride?  Either way, here goes...

According to her report card and her teacher, she exceeds in the following:
  • Reading: She can read up to 144 words per minute.  Most children her age will excel at 60 words. 
  • Math: She passes with pefect scores on all of her timed-tests, will finish her in-school math work quickly and correctly
  • Writing: She is getting better at adding details and exploring the use of adjectives
  • Spelling: She gets 100% on her weekly tests each week
What to work on:
  • Taking her time.  She speeds through things, and while they are correct, her handwriting is sloppy.  This also takes away from detailed story-writing.  Last year she really took her time, wanting things to be as perfect as possible.  This year, she wants to get done as quickly as possible.
  • She is friendly and social, and has a lot of friends
  • She listens and is a good student
  • She does get caught playing during learning time.  She tends to bring these little toys to school that are keychains that hook to her backpack and then will play with them at her desk or during rug/story time.

According to her report card and teacher, she excels in:
  • Spelling
  • Writing: Her journalling has improved since the beginning of school.
  • Math and counting
What to work on:
  • Handwriting, although her teacher told us her handwriting is one of the neatest in the class.  Handwriting is "graded" on a 1, 2, or 3 scale, 3 being the best.  Kate tends to get 2's on her handwriting, but her teacher told me that is just because there is room for improvement, not that it's bad.
  • According to Mrs. Krippelz, "Katie is such a delight to have in class."  Katie is a great listener, very quiet, and follows instructions.  She does her work, has friends, shows compassion and empathy.
  • She plays school a lot during indoor recess versus playing games with friends, but she (the teacher) said that Kate is always surrounded by others and is very social.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Way to go, Delaney and Katie!