Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sibling Movie Night

Every Friday and Saturday the girls watch a movie, or movies, in our bed at night.  All three girls get in their pj's and have milk and apple slices while they watch a movie, each taking a turn to pick.  Well, one night Peter was working late and I decided to have them watch a movie in the family room and made lots of popcorn.  I think they really enjoyed it.





This was on September 17th (see...I'm still VERY behind in my posts!), and I believe it was one of the first times we watched Dumbo.  Rowe LOVED it and asks for it several times a day now.  And, she's pretty attahed to the Baby Dumbo that Uncle Brian (aka Uncle Teddy Bear) gave her for Christmas last year.  It goes everywhere with her...and I do mean everywhere--bed, car, library, park, bus stop, bathroom, etc..
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