Saturday, January 7, 2012


We have had such an amazing week here!  Yes, I still have to blog about the rest of our Christmas celebrations, Delaney's birthday party, and our New Year's Eve.  However this morning I want to share my excitment.  Have you ever said you wanted to do something...many times?  Month after month? Maybe even year after year?  Well, Peter and I are finally feeling accomplished around here!  It has been at least 3, possibly even four years since we've been able to park in our garage!  Why?  Well, we have 5 Christmas bins, 3 Halloween bins, 4 scrapbook bins, 5 boys clothes bins, 12 girl clothes bins, we had dressers, bed frames, and empty boxes galore in our garage, not to mention our kids' toys (like bikes, wagons, strollers, and power wheels jeep).  I digress.  Yesterday it was about 50 degrees in the Chicagoland area.  This is shorts weather for midwesterns in the winter!  So, not only was it gorgeous out, we also got three hours where Rowe AND Charlie were both napping AND Peter and I were both home.  We cleaned out Rowe and Charlie's room, brought down the nursery furniture (to be sold that night via Craig's List) and then, to get to Charlie's new big-boy dresser in the garage, we had to shuffle things around, which turned into a very early Spring Cleaning job.  It took  us about 3 hours, but for those that know us, and have seen our's been years since you (or we) have seen this:

Isn't it WONDERFUL?! You might think "Oh my clutter" but  I'm in love.  We can actually park a car in here and I forgot to take pictures before we started, as I wasn't expecting this to occur.  And look at all the garbage and recyling we have for next week:

Also this week we have rearranged the furniture in our front and family rooms and are starting to truly go through things and declutter versus our usual, "put it in this room" or "just put it over there" type of cleaning.  I feel so accomplished and energized and well, wonderful!

I'm keeping up on some of my New Year's goals!
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