Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy First Birthday, December 2010 Babies!

When I found out I was pregnant with Charlie, I joined an online community.  Within this community, there are so many different boards in which to join: cloth diapering, moms of boys, moms of girls, moms of multiples, breast is best, bottle for baby, etc.  I joined a few of the boards--cloth diaper and one of those also expecting a baby in December 2010.  I connected with some amazing people, some near (Chicagoland) and some far--my two closest--Connie is in Ohio and Priscilla is in North Carolina.  It was a great community to discuss what was going on with you, ask questions, and get support.  Sadly there was a lot of bullying that went on too, which saddens me because we are all adults.  Anyway...through this website I found some pretty good friends (Connie and Priscilla especially).  After Charlie was born, I didn't go on the website as much, and thankfully, the moms that live in the area started a Facebook group.  We ask questions, get support, and just chit-chat.  As of right now, there are 25 women in the group.  Many only have the one child, some more.  We've had a couple get-togethers--the zoo, a Mom's Night Out, etc.  Sadly, due to our crazy schedules, I hadn't attended anything. 

We decided to celebrate the babies first birthday together.  On January 14th, several of the moms brought their babies together to have a HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAYS PARTY.  It was a lot of fun.  Everyone brought a dish to pass, so there was a ton of great food.  The moms are awesome, and again, I have lucked out in the friends I have made.  (Of course, I guess if I didn't like them, I wouldn't consider them friends, right?  Good point).

So, here are pictures of the party

Charlie testing out the grounds...
 Brooklyn and Noelle (I think there were only three December 2010 Female Babies at the party)
 I think Noelle wanted to take down Solo
 This guy's such a cutie!  Say "Hi", Jake!
 Julianna, Maria, Noelle, Stephanie, and Brooklyn
 Charlie and was a showdown for the toy.  Actually, Carson didn't like Charlie having a paci.  Whenever Carson was near, he pulled that thing out!
 Ebony with Solo, Sarah with Brooklyn, Me with Charlie, Maria with Julianna, Stephanie with Noelle, Stephanie with Brycen, Amanda with Carson, Ashlie with Tyler, and Nicole with Jake
 I'm so in love with this cute little boy, Solo!  And, come to find out, his Great Aunt lives down the street from us!  I hear fun playdates to the park this spring!
 Ashlie's mom was there, and was a WONDERFUL help!  She would hold any and every baby so mom's could eat.  She also helped with cleaning, setting up, etc.  She looks so familar to me, and I just cannot place where I may know her!  There were also a couple dads there--
 The kids had a grab bag gift exchange.
 And, then, ingenious Ashlie put down a huge tarp for all the babies to sit and eat their BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES!  We all sang Happy Birthday to the Babies.  Here are Tyler and Carson
 It took Charlie a while to get into his cupcake.  He had fun crumbling it and making a mess, and, then, finally eating it.


 What are you doing, Noelle???  This cutie-patootie kept stealing my cupcake's frosting.
 The gang again, but this time Heather and Andy were there.
Sarah and Brooklyn, Amanda and Carson, Stephanie and Noelle, Maria and Juliana, Ashlie and Tyler, Heather and Andy, Ebony and Solo, Me and Charlie, and Nicole and Jake.
It was WONDERFUL to finally meet all these ladies in person.  We're planning a Mom's Night Out for March in Chicago, so that should be a blast.  Next, I need to meet Connie and Priscilla!
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