Sunday, January 1, 2012


We usually don't celebrate New Year's Eve. I mean, we used to throw small but very fun parties at our house that finished in the hot tub.  We had good parties.  However, and sadly, our hot tub isn't working well the past few years we haven't hosted a party.  This year we, the whole big family, was invited to the Salkas'.  Katie and their daughter, Cassandra are best friends (that's who Katie had a double-birthday party with this past summer).  Peter, of course, worked on NYE until 6, so the kids and I went over early.  Everyone had a blast...I mean, how could we NOT--look at everything we did in the 7 hours we were there!

Girls started the night getting all ready for the party...make-up and hair

Charlie just hung out...                                                                           ...And got some work done.

Next the kids moved on to various craft projects...Basket making and fish designing

 When Peter arrived, Jeff put him to work right away!

The kids enjoyed making some tasty pretzels (and so did Peter)


The kids had fun playing:
 VIDEO GAMES!!!                                              Throughout the night...
 Hot Potato                                                                        And I had some fun spinning Sophie

They even put on a special show for us while the adults had a tasty dinner:


A picture of Linda and myself from the night.
The kids practiced with their party accessories...the noise makers were hilarious with the kids!

Time for Pajamas

BESTIES: Cassandra and Katie


Sophie was the first to bed.  Charlie made it to, well, you can see the clock.  I think he would've made it to midnight, but I picked him up and he got comfy.

Time for the coutdown...and the toast
 And, then...
Dads crashed

And kids went back to crafts

We had a WONDERFUL time!  Thanks for the great memories and a fun New Year's Eve, Salkas Family!
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