Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rowe is in Ballet

Grammie and Poppy gave the girls ballet classes/lessons and their recital this year for Christmas.  The session began today and all three girls have dance on Tuesdays.  I will pretty much live at DanceQuest for the next six months on Tuesdays.  I'm hoping to get a lot of reading and paperwork done there.  Right now it's great because Peter usually has Tuesdays off, so I can just take the girl in class and not all four kids for 4 hours.

So, today was Rowena's very first ballet class ever.  It was also her first time without me in a class.  She's actually only taken one class, which was gymnastics and that was with me, but that was also a year ago.  It's been almost a year since she's been in a class, let alone without a parent.  I thought she would be fine, not caring that I didn't go in.  And, she was.  She was very excited!

However, Delaney watched through the door for the first 25 minutes or so, and when she stopped watching, Rowe fell apart.  She started crying for me.  I tried to just let it go, as I didn't want to interrupt Miss Emily's class and don't want to give Rowe the idea that she can leave class.  After about 5 minutes, Miss Emily opened the door and I went over and Rowe was quickly calmed just knowing we hadn't left her.  I felt terrible for not going over earlier to reassure her we were there.  I know she can handle class and handle it without me in there.  After that, I watched the remainder of her class.  She did great following directions and listening to Miss Emily.

Dancing and Watching Miss Emily

Ribbon Time!

She looks so proud!
Time to go. Taking off her tap shoes

This was my fave part...watching her put her shoes away all by herself.  So super cute!
Getting stamps from Miss Emily
I think her favorite part was getting stamps. Delaney and Katie always loved that part too, as well as the ribbon dancing. 

I have to admit I LOVE watching the Itty Bitties on stage for the recital.  They are so tiny and cute and look out in awe into the blackness that is the theater.  I'm also amazing at how well they remember all their moves.  I am so excited for June to have all three girls on stage!  Hopefully soon I will blog with their costumes and song selection.
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