Friday, January 27, 2012

More Snow Fun...Sledding!

Our first snow fall came on a Thursday and it was all gone by Tuesday.  Then, we had another big snow fall a few days later on Friday and again, it was gone within days.  This winter is crazy and unusual.  We have had thunderstorms and rain, and temps in the 50's--which is truly unheard of in the Chicagoland area.  I'm the type who loves the snow and cold.  I would take -10* and 10" of snow any day over 105* and 100% humidity.  However, we're fortunate enough to get all the weather--hot/cold, wet/dry, snow/rain, sun/clouds, etc.  I love the diversity in the seasons.

Anyway...with the last snow we took advantage and went out to play.  Sadly, we only lasted about an hour, but we did have fun!

Isn't this view and all this white just beautiful!?!?!
 It's not always easy to walk in though--especially if your clothes don't allow your knees to bend
 Our very small, but workable hill behind the house
 Delaney was great about sharing the sled with Rowe (I just love this picture)
 Kate wiped out a couple times and just laughed
 What a good big sister...pushing Rowe down the hill
 Rowe attempted to make snowballs and threw them at Julia (our neighbor), who, as always, was a great sport!
 Our AWESOME neighbors, the Ruch Family
 Kate was mad about the mittens she had to wear since she forgot her good snow gloves at school.  Darn mittens are the kind that snow just clings to.  Grr!
 Oh, look at that--Delaney's being a puppy.
 Kate was proud of her stick she found
 RoweBoat getting a little cold, I think.  I love this coat, hat, mittens, snowpants combo, and super sad it's the last year a Henderson will be wearing it.  I think Isabel will look super cute in it in two years!
Now our snowman that the girls made with Peter is a sad lonely large-sized snowball that has hint of yellow from Riggs letting the snowman know he is intruding on Riggs' territory.
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