Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest Potluck

A few friends of mine and I were talking about how Pinterest is filled with amazing delicious looking recipes...and it's so hard to decide what to make and to make them, we decided to have a Pinterest Potluck.  We each made 2-4 things and there was a great variety.  I met these wonderful ladies from my mom's group that I joined back in August 2010 (which has since fallen apart).  We keep in touch via Facebook and through regular playdates, but our husbands really haven't met each other, or the other women and/or kids.  SO...this just made perfect sense!  What better way to get hubbys excited about meeting strangers than offering 6 different entrees, 4 appetizers, and 3 desserts (as well as alcohol)???  NONE!
 In the crockpots we had: Pork Chops Pizzaiola, Jalapeno Chicken, Shredded BBQ Chicken, Meatballs.  We also had Sheppards Pie and Greek Potatoes.
 For appetizers we had: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Feta Dip, and Loaded Baked Potato Dip, as well as chips and salsa
For Desserts we had Triple Berry Crisp, Lemon Brownies, and Fruit Pizza (on a sugar cookie).

Here are the Moms, aka--Awesome Ladies that I love (from left: Christina, Me, Niki (holding baby Kate) and Heather).

I wanted to get one of all the guys, but not sure if they'd go for it or not...maybe next time.

We had a blast. The kids were wonderful and played really well together. I started off all the kids with an oreo (before dinner) because I'm the cool mom (to the kids), and the hated mom (by the other moms). The hubbys took a little while to start socializing, but it was new and there were 9 kids to meet and wrangle while the wives finished up last minute touches to dishes.

It was gorgeous out too, so the kids play outside a lot.
Charlie is checking out Daddy's beverage.

Patrick's playing pinball

Katie, Dylan, and Beth eat while Charlie attempts to steal food and apple juice

The crowd at Heather's house

Rowe arrived sleeping and stayed that way for a good hour.

Little Miss Isa giving me a curtsy

No, he's not in a time out...he got his very own juice box
and decided the step was a perfect fit for his little legs and tush

Charlie emptied and reloaded the chalk bucket for a good 20 minutes!

That's Ian on the left (Heather's husband) and Katie running to hide

Beth wondering why Charlie is enjoying his task so much

Playing hide-n-seek

Charlie talking serious business with Dan (Nikki's husband)

That's George on the left (Christina's husband).  Charlie and Patrick had fun with the
chalk and with going up and down the patio stairs, and in and out of the house.

Having fun in the Sunday afternoon sun

Charlie liked licking the sidewalk chalk off the patio (GROSS)...hence his face and tongue being pink

Beth took a breatk from outside fun for some dessert

NOOOO!  They finally broke into the sandbox!

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