Friday, March 2, 2012

Roller Skating

Delaney's Brownie Troop had an outing tonight at a local roller rink.  And, awesomely, they opened it up to family members.  So, Katie and I joined her and the troop.  I used to go roller skating EVERY weekend when I was in junior high.  I loved it and I was really good.  However, 1989 was over 20 years ago...But, I still have it.  Kinda.  I didn't fall once and once I got on the rink and got going, I did pretty good. 

It was Delaney and Katie's first time roller skating.  On the carpet they did pretty good.  On the rink it took them both a while to get going.  It was slow, and sometimes the falls were painful, but they were amazing.  They kept going no matter what, with little discouragment.  There were some tears (from Delaney) and embarrassment (from both) because of their falls, but by the end of the night, we were all holding hands going around and around and around. 

Delaney spent most of her night with her BFF, Kayla.  Katie and I spent our night together.  It wasn't until Kayla and most of the girl scouts left that the three of us hung out and skated together.  Delaney's friends were so patient in helping her learn her skills.

 Delaney's friends helping: Jenna (on left) and Kyla (on right)




This is Tyler, a kid in Katie's class
(who has a sister in Delaney's troop)

Delaney, Kyla, and Riley
I have a feeling we'll all be hurting tomorrow!

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