Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlie Boo at 15 Months!

Charlie keeps getting older.  He is our fourth, and I have yet to find a way to slow time with them.  I love every stage and also get excited for the next.  I cannot believe he is 15 months already!  Thankfully he is healthy and is tiny.  I only say the last adjective as a positive because it helps me cope with him getting older and doing more...because he still looks like a tiny baby (think 9-12 mo), sometimes.

Doctor Check-Up
Today I took him to the doctor for his well-check.  The recap of it goes like this:  At 15 months he is 18 lbs, 13 oz (-3%).  He is gaining though which is good.  He's gained 13 oz in 3 months.  He is 29" which is the 15% and his head is 20%.  Charlie got two shots, one in each leg, and he barely cried. He didn't flinch either. I was impressed. The doctor is impressed with his play (described below), as it is advanced, however he says if his speech is delayed much longer, he will be concerned about that.  I'm not worried, as Delaney was very quiet and didn't talk until late.  However, he's not saying anything.  He barely babbles.  The doctor wanted to test his hearing (to rule that out), but Charlie was getting a bit squirmy and didn't cooperate well.  If he's still super quiet in 3 more months, a full hearing test will be done and possibly speech.  Again, I'm not that concerned.  I do think his hearing is fine.  If you say his name, he turns toward you.  He follows simple directions like "Charlie where is your milk?" or "Go lay down" or "Bring your blankie to Daddy." 

Charlie cannot keep his 12 mo pants up if wearing a disposable diaper.
He is a pretty good eater, but he also loves to shove food on the side of him and to feed Riggs.  He loves fruit, that's his favorite, I think. 

The only time I hear him is if he's crying or laughing.  He rarely makes any noises and doesn't say any words yet. 

Charlie's Favorite Thing
He loves, loves, LOVES Riggs.  He climbs over him all the time while Riggs is laying down or sleeping.  He is so cute as sometimes he will see Riggs laying down, and he will go close to him, turn around, back up and slowly slide down Riggs to snuggle with him.  Riggs is great with Charlie using him as a jungle gym.  He tries to feed him several times a day and he also loves to play in Riggs' water bowl (I'm thinking of getting him a water table for this summer for Easter).

SleepingCharlie sleeps well.  Usually from anytime after 7 until after 6am.  Every so often he'll fuss around 10 or 11, but he goes right back to sleep.  He still has his paci (maybe that's why he's so quiet?  Or is it because he has 3 older sisters???).  He also loves his little blankies.

He likes to run around, and especially to tease Rowena and get her to chase him. He'll pick up a toy and make sure Rowe is watching him and then he runs and laughs.  If she doesn't chase him, he'll go near her to bug her just enough.  Usually she just gets annoyed with him and says "No, Charlie-boo-boo," but sometimes she'll chase him and they'll both just laugh.  He loves cords.  He does.  He loves to pull them out of sockets in the wall, he loves to drap them around his neck like a scarf or a guy with a towel around his neck (think 1987).  He is good at teasing, and laughs about it.  As stated above, he loves playing with Riggs, especially with his food and water.  He likes to empty out all of our tupperware, and he's enjoying Rowe's new play food.  He likes to walk around with crayons, markers, and pencils.  He also loves do most kids.  He loves to bend over and put his weight onto his head and look between his legs.  This always cracks me up.  (I can't believe with how often he does it that I can't find a picture of him doing it).  He teases me with his paci--he'll put it in my mouth and take it out right away and laugh.  Often, I'll find him just laying down, just about anywhere: the stairs, his chair, the floor.

I love this picture of cracks me up,
like he got caught climbing on toys.

Charlie modelling his summer clothes
He's now able to climb onto this toy and spin
all by himself


With a remote


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What a cutie--and what a good dog Briggs is! (Heather)