Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save Our House

The girls know that our finances are beyond tight and that family is helping us. They also overheard a conversation between Peter and I that we are looking for jobs out of the state. After they both cried for several minutes, we tried to calm them down, stating that we're both looking for jobs and if we can't find something we love that pays well in Illinois, we need to look elsewhere. They continued to cry, talking about how much they didn't want to move, leave their friends, how they don't want to leave their school and current teacher, and how they both wanted to know who they would have next year for a teacher at Grand Prairie.

One Saturday after work I went to pick up the kids from Grammie and Poppy's.  The girls had been playing with my old Fashion Plates (these things are AWESOME!).  Anyway, they were coloring and cutting them out, and Grammie was putting on prices (which the girls dictated to her).  When I asked about their activity, they told me that they are "saving our house." 

Katie proceeded explain further:
"Mom, we're going to sell our fashions so we can save the house.  Delaney and I will pay for it so we don't have to move."
It took every ounce of self-control to not cry.  I was so very proud of them; their creativity and thoughtfulness was wonderful and overwhelmingly sweet.  When we got home, the girls diligently hung their fashions in the window and told me if anyone came to the door to buy one, to let them know and they will "take care of everything."

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meg shaklee said...

oh my goodness, amy, that is the sweetest thing. you have some great kiddos! how much are they charging??? i'd love to send them money for them. :)