Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poor Rowe!

Two days in a row, and will be three more days, our plans have been cancelled or postponed.Our almost Birthday girl is sick. No vomitting, but she's had a fever of temps between 100.3-102.7 for four straight days now.  We can't even get it under 100 with medicine every 4 hours.  She's also on nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day for her constant cough.  Poor girl gets bouts of energy now and then...when the meds are working.  For about an hour, maybe two, then she crashes.  The doctor said she's okay; no infections.  So, I guess it must be a virus.  However, the fever isn't going away and the doc said it would've by now.  Going to call in the morning, but here are some cute pictures of our sickie.


So, no aquarium or zoo yesterday.  No playdate today.  No lapsit tomorrow (which is when they would sing Happy Birthday to her).  No American Girl on Friday.  No Nana-Rowe Birthday Hotel Weekend.
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