Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Young Love...Katie Has A Crush

Katie has a crush on a boy in her class.  His name is Mathew and he happens to also be the son of Delaney's current teacher.  I love some of the conversations I've heard between Delaney and Katie; where Delaney tells Katie if she doesn't like something Matthew is doing, she'll tell Ms. P.  I had to interject on that; letting them both know that if Katie doesn't like something a kid in her class is doing, she needs to tell her teacher and her teacher will handle it or talk to that child's mom.  I, of course, didn't heed my own advice, but I didn't start the conversation either.  But, let me back up.

Katie tells us she likes this boy.  A few weeks (or maybe it was days), I hear that conversation between Delaney and Katie and also find out that Matthew has kissed her a few times.  According to Katie, it was once on the hand and once on the cheek.  I did talk about appropriateness of our behaviors, such as Mom and Dad won't kiss in school and that they should focus on learning and being friends.  But, I also let her know that if she wants (any of) her friends over to play, that is okay.  So, Katie proceeds to tell me she wants a playdate with Matthew so she can "kiss him romantically" (which means a longer kiss on the mouth--which is how her and Delaney both perceive passionate kisses from movies and T.V.).   Then I expand my discussion of appropriate behavior in that she ought to focus on being friends with Matthew as 6 1/2 is a bit young for that kind of kissing.

His Mom
Then, a couple months later, there is an open house at the school.  We first went to Delaney's classroom (as she needed to leave soon for ballet) and Ms. P says to me, "So, my son came home from school a while ago with his first love letter."  I'm sure she is giving me this personal information because it has to do with me.  Sure enough..."It says: 'Dear Matthew, I love you.  Love, Katie H.'  And it is now on our fridge."  Her and I talk about how cute we both think it is that they have a crush and how neither of us are trying to tell them they can't date or that sort of thing.  It was after she opened up first, that I allowed Katie's kissing story as well as Delaney's desire to tattle on him, to Mr. P.

The Boy
So, when I went to Katie's Valentine Party a few weeks later, a little boy calls me over to his desk and the following conversation happens:
Boy: "Does Katie ever talk about a Matt or Matthew at home?"
Me: "Yeah, I think she has mentioned a Matthew before."
Boy: "That's me."
Me: "Oh, nice to meet you, Matthew."
Boy: "Katie always tells me she loves me and stuff."
Me: "Does that bother you?"
Boy: "Yes"
Me: "okay, would you like me to talk with her and tell her to stop?"
Boy: "Yes"

So, I take this information and plan to talk to Katie about easing up on her focus on Matthew at school.  About an hour later, Matthew asks me "Have you talked to her yet?" and I tell him that I would at home.  Then he hip-checks Katie, turns and smiles at her and walks away.  Hmmm...I don't know if I really have to talk to Katie.  I think this little boy (who is super adorable by the way, and funny too) would miss Katie's attention.  Then, as we're leaving the party, and I'm taking pictures of Katie with various friends, Matthew stands around like he's waiting.  So, I ask him if he would like to take a picture with Katie, to which he drops all of his stuff and picks up Katie and truly swings her around.  THen he sets her down and smiles for the camera. 

In the midst of the spin (I think the beginning)

Matthew and Katie (I love how his arm is around her and that the coordinate so well)
 I had to pick up Delaney from her class, so (of course) I couldn't help but show the picture to her teacher/Matthew's mom.  She asked for me to email it to her (so I did, along with the story of the party above) and then as we left, Matthew held the door for us and said "I can't wait to come over and spend the night."
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