Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wonderful Weekend!

The Hendersons have had a WONDERFUL weekend!

On Friday the girls went to school and Rowe and Charlie had a fun playdate at Dylan's house with their friends Beth, Isa, Patrick, and Kate.  Then, Friday night I took all four kids to my parents for the night, went home, got dressed, did my hair, watched 2 hours of TV, did the dishes, folded laundry, and cleaned the house.  Once Peter got home, we went on a date.  We celebrated the 17th anniversary of our very first date, which is a wonderfully funny story.

My friend, Linda and I are both the Cookie Moms for our girls' Daisy troop (Katie's troop).  So, Peter, Linda and I went to pick up the troop's cookies.  Then we sorted them and chatted for a while.

The cookies nicely organized before sorting by girl

Cookies sorted by Daisy...ready for pick-up

We picked up the kids and came home.  We wanted to go to the pet store because they have some bearded dragons and Delaney wants to get one for a pet this year.  However, Charlie and Rowe BOTH napped, so I stayed home while Peter took the older girls to the pet store and to a toy store to get Rowena her birthday gifts. 

Delaney is already planning her environment for her dragon.  She wants a tree just like this one.

When they got home, Peter took his car to get fixed: new brakes, rotors, oil, and tires.  Thankfully we were able to get that bill on a 12 month interest free plan!  And, thankfully he got his car fixed since he does SO much driving with his new job!

The kids played outside; it was so sunny and beautiful out.

Charlie trying to figure out the sidewalk chalk 

Spencer was cracking me up!  He was skipping and bobbing his head. 
Glad I also got this on video.



Then, we had a very early dinner (due to skipping lunch) around 4:30 or so, and started a fun movie marathon.  We put in The NeverEnding Story during dinner, and then after baths and showers we started Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  
Watching The NeverEnding Story

Our clean little guy

Then, after Charlie went to bed, we had a family movie night.  We watched and loved Kung Fu Panda 2 while enjoying popcorn, apples, string cheese, craisins, kool aid, and doritos.  Rowena made it through most of the movie before she fell asleep.
Furniture rearranged, food distrubuted, blankets on...Just press play!

Today isn't over yet, but we have some fun things going on.  Linda and her family is coming over for the four hour window we gave the Girl Scout Troop to come over to pick up cookies.  The kids can all play, Peter is going to grill out, and Linda and I will be in charge of distrubuting cookies.  I also plan to take Delaney and Kate to a few (local) homes to deliver cookies.  The girls sold over 325 combined, and that's a lot to deliver.  Of course, we're shipping 129 boxes to California.

We might also go to the park, depending on the weather, after 2pm when cookie pick-up is over.

I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL it is having Peter home on the weekends!  Helping with the kids, running more errands, getting more accomplished, and, my favorite, more FAMILY time together!  Next weekend will be great as well.  On Friday, Grammie and I are going to American Girl Store with Rowena for her 3rd birthday.  And Saturday, after I work, we're going to Iowa to meet Nana at a hotel to swim and celebrate both Rowe and Nana's birthdays!
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