Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rowe and Nana's Birthday Celebration

This weekend we met Nana about 1/2 way for a Birthday Celebration...for Rowe's 3rd birthday and Nana's 63rd birthday.  Their birthdays are just a day apart and last year we started a Hotel Birthday tradition.  We meet half way, stay at a hotel, swim, dine out, and spend time together.

This year we stayed on the Iowa side of the Mississippi.  We didn't get there until later in the day, due to my work schedule.  We arrived, checked in, unpacked and visited for a while.  Rowe got some presents: her own bag, a doll, a shirt, and a book.  Nana also made and brought red velvet cupcakes.

Kissing himself in the mirror...
He LOVED hanging out on the beds!

Testing his comfort zone with Nana

The girls playing with the fun stuff Nana brought
The three girls and Peter swam for about half an hour...
The pool was a neat set-up.  There was a zero-depth part with some shoot-up fountains and a large water umbrella.  This pool went into a rectangular pool that ended in a circular whirlpool (which was a lot of fun).  Then there was the hot tub too.




...and then we headed to Outback for dinner.  Oh My Gawd that was AMAZING!!!  Rowena even got a birthday sundae.  The people behind us got one, and Rowe watched them and started a conversation.  They even relit the candle for her to blow it out.  Rowe shared her sundae with her sisters...

...and Daddy tried to get a few bites too.
For some reason, this picture (no matter how many times I tried) uploads the wrong way

Then it was back to the hotel.  Charlie went to bed with Nana, and the girls, Peter, and I went swimming.

All three girls spent the night with Nana in the "girls only room."  I had to be in the boys room. However, it was nice to have the quiet after a long, but fun day.  Charlie was already asleep, and I think I was by 10:45.  The wake up in the morning was wonderful and sweet.  Charlie making a few noises around 7 or after. 

We went down for breakfast and then went swimming again--this time with Charlie too.


Then we rested in the room for awhile before packing up and heading to Applebees for lunch.

 Sadly, even though Nancy mentioned a few times, we forgot to get a picture of her with the kids! After lunch, we said our goodbyes and packed up in the car. We found my leftovers (from lunch) on top of the car, under the luggage rack frame, when we got home--two hours later at 75 miles an hour.

Thank you for a WONDERFUL Birthday Weekend, Nana!!!
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