Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend With Izzy

The title is a bit misleading.  We didn't spend the whole weekend with Izzy, but Grammie and Poppy did.  Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann went to Vegas for a wedding, so G&P babysat.  We went over Friday morning for a couple hours and Saturday afternoon for a few hours.  Can I just tell you how ADORABLE and SMILEY she is???  What a happy girl.  She put up with Rowena piling toys all around her and Charlie tackling her with hugs and kisses.

HELP!  I'm about to be attacked by Hendersons!!!

Kisses for Isabel

Charlie's attempt at a hug

I just love this picture.  Super cute cousins...Isabel Rose 8 months and Charles Peter 16 months.

She is SUCH a happy baby!!!

Rowena had to make sure that Isabel had ALL her toys!

Izzy watched Rowe like a hawk and loved her.

Isn't she such a doll!?!?!?!

Rowe insisted on reading to Izzy, and insisted that Izzy loved it.

I didn't get any pics of Isabel with Delaney, as Delaney was full of face paint from a birthday party and I didn't want that to get on Izzy.  Katie couldn't wait to visit her and play with her!!!

Rowena tells me she wants us to have another baby, and when she talks more about it, it's actually that she wants us to have Baby Izzy.  Watch out, Wesley and Leann!
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