Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Family Nature Walk

We are LOVING having Daddy home again on the weekends!  We get to do so much fun games, have family movie nights, and with the nice weather--Nature Walks!
We went to a local forest preserve, where we used to spend almost every Sunday during the NFL's off-season.  It was great.  We went off the paved path, onto gravel ones, dirt ones, and even explored our own made paths.  We got to see three deer pretty close, which was amazing.  Rowe was disappointed because "they look like cows, Mom." And, Delaney almost missed them.

There were some moments of annoyance, like when Delaney or Katie wanted to be carried or complained of a stomach ache, and Rowe had to go to the bathroom, and there are no toilets around.  Other than those things, it was a wonderful family afternoon.  I think next weekend, weather permitting...Starved Rock!
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