Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Pinterest Potluck

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest???  Or how much I LOVE these women???  I cannot believe how fortunate Peter and I are to constantly be meeting new and amazing people; adding to our already wonderful fun and loyal support system (and us to theirs).

Well, tonight we had another Pinterest Potluck, which incorporates so many of my favorite things...friends, food, and the internet.  We think we had a lot more food this time...

Here we have: avocado mac-n-cheese, chicken cacciatore, chicken enchilada casserole, taco cups
 In the crockpots we had Cuban flank steak and rootbeer pulled pork.  There are a few desserts leftover: reeses peanut butter cup brownies and cookie-oreo-brownie cups.
 Here are some corn muffins, and fun PB&Js, and as you can see, the fruit and chocolate fruit dip was a huge hit!
 Here we have olive bread, tailgate dip, more taco cups, and the strawberry-chicken-bacon-balsamic pizza.  Also, some sangria and lime sorbet & tequilla margaritas.  We also had cookies-n-cream martinis.
 And...the four amazing women who bring our families together: Christina, Niki, me, and Heather (who is my weight-loss-get-healthy challenger).

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